Disclosure of Expertise and Professional Limitations

As a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), we are required to provide our customers with a disclosure of our areas of expertise as well as our professional limitations.

Our firm's Principal Broker, Lee Odems, has been a licensed Realtor for 24 years and a license Broker for 17 years. He is an Ethics instructor, an ABR, and has held a variety of leadership positions at the State and Local level of Real Estate Governance including serving as the President of the Prince William Association of Realtors

Our firm's Property Manager, Michele Odems, is a member of NARPM, but not a license Realtor. She is also a Real Estate investor with 8 years of experience managing residential properties.

All services that require a licensed Realtor and performed by Realtors who are independent contractors associated with Evernest or our sister company, Buyers Advantage Real Estate Corp. Additional administrative tasks are performed by unlicensed assistants and staff.

While we provide year end 1099s and maintenance summary reports, we can not provide any form of tax advice. Each landlord's tax scenario is unique and we must recommend that you consult a CPA for any tax questions. For our own tax, accounting, and record keeping guidance we have the CPA firm of Comiskey and Tarlosky on retainer.

While the course of Property Management and Rentals involves the signing of several contracts, we cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of specific legal language in the contracts. We must recommend you consult an attorney for any specific questions regarding interpretation of the contract language.

During the eviction process, as an agent on the owner's behalf, our Property Management staff can file Pay or Quit Notices, file Unlawful Detainers, file Request for Writ of Possession, and attend uncontested court hearings on behalf of our owners. If at any point a resident contests the eviction or files bankruptcy, the owner will need to be represented by an attorney. We have the law office of  Purnell, McKennett and Menke PC  on retainer for those scenarios.

We rely on the experience, knowledge and expertise of skilled contractors and technicians for all maintenance issues. All of the contractors we use are insured and licensed wherever the work needed requires a license.