Committed to being the most responsive Property Management Company in Prince William County.

After much feedback from our landlords, tenants, vendors, and local Realtors from other firms, we are confident that we are the most responsive Property Management Company in Prince William County. We are able to achieve this reputation based on our clear commitment to specific response time and quality goals.

Management Inquiries

All inquiries from perspective landlords are responded to on the same day that they are received.

Processing of Applications

All applications will be processed and submitted to the owner for review within 48 hours of receipt. If application is not completed within 48 hours written explanation of status and outstanding items will be provided to listing agent.

Rent Collection

Reminder calls are made on the 4th day of each month as a courtesy to tenants. Legal notices are sent to any tenant whose payment is not received by 9AM on the 6th of the month (with allowances for weekends and holidays). Owners will be notified by the 6th if rent is not paid on-time.

Owner Payments and Statements

Monthly account statements will be posted to PropertyWare for owner review by the 15th of each month. ACH Transfers to owners will be initiated on the 7th of the month (when the tenant has paid by the 5th) and will take 1-4 business days to be credited to the owner’s bank accounts. Dates may be impacted by weekends or holidays.

Manage incoming maintenance requests

Work orders will be entered into PropertyWare and assigned to a vendor within 2 hours of request. Appointment should be scheduled between vendor and tenant within 24 hours of request (4 hours for heat, A/C, or plumbing issues). Appointment must be set within 72 hours (same day for heat, A/C or plumbing emergencies). Tenant must be contacted within 24 hours of appointment to verify work has been successfully completed. If tenant and vendor can not set an acceptable appointment time, an Evernest employee will make the appointment and meet the vendor at the property.

Semi-Annual Exterior Inspections

All homes will be inspected during the months of April and October. Owners will be provided exterior photos by April 30th and October 31st. Owners will be provided with quotes for any recommended repairs by May 15th and November 15th. Any repairs approved by the owners will be completed by June 1st and December 1st.

Semi-Annual HVAC Servicing

If an owner chooses to have an annual service contract in place for their HVAC system, all appointments will be scheduled by May 1st and completed by May 20th for Spring/Summer Check and will be scheduled by November 1st and Completed by November 20th for Fall/Winter Check.

Sprinkler System Winterization

All sprinkler systems will be winterized before November 20th.

Lease Renewals

All tenants will be contacted 75 days before lease end date to discuss lease renewal options. If tenant and owner wish to renew lease, new lease will be sent out 60 days before lease end date.

Lease Compliance

Signed lease compliance forms are required from tenants each January and July. If compliance forms are not received on-time, interior inspections will be conducted during February and August.