Blog Post An Aversion to Vacancy

An Aversion to Vacancy

When discussing a target rental rate with landlords, I typically describe the need to balance between the competing goals of maximizing their cash flow and minimizing their vacancy. Setting a higher listing price will hopefully result in a more positive cash flow, while setting a...
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Blog Post Cash Flow and Return on Investment – It’s Complicated !

Cash Flow and Return on Investment – It’s Complicated !

Since most of our new landlords are “Unintentional Investors”, many make an initial calculation of their projected cash flow by taking the expected rent and subtracting their mortgage, HOA fees, and property management fees. There is much more to determining your retu...
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Blog Post Planning and Budgeting for Emergency Situations

Planning and Budgeting for Emergency Situations

I often share with landlords that “late night emergencies” seldom occur. However, in late January and early February when significant storms and freezing temperatures occur, we do need to plan for emergency calls from our tenants. Last weekend, we had four emergency c...
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Blog Post $$$$ Prepare for HVAC Costs $$$$$

$$$$ Prepare for HVAC Costs $$$$$

Repair or replacement costs of an HVAC system are major contributors to the maintenance budget of a landlord. With recent requirements on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) imposed the the Department of Energy (Click Here for More Details) coupled with the conversion fro...
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Blog Post “As-Is” Appliances End Up Adding to Long Term Costs

“As-Is” Appliances End Up Adding to Long Term Costs

Occasionally, a landlord transitioning his or her home to a rental property will ask about the option of providing the appliances to the tenant in “as-is” condition. This means that the owner is providing working appliances at the beginning of the lease term, but if t...
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Blog Post Late Rent Realities

Late Rent Realities

Due to consistent administration of rental qualification criteria, we are presenting qualified applicants to our owners and have not initiated eviction proceedings against a tenant in over a year. We do occasionally experience late payments by tenants. With 250 properties current...
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Blog Post The Down-Side of Home Warranties

The Down-Side of Home Warranties

 In general, I believe that home warranties are a good option as a method for budgeting maintenance costs for landlords who own older homes with appliances and systems that are no longer under manufacturers’ warranty.  My husband and I own six investment propertie...
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Blog Post All Utilities On – All the Time!

All Utilities On – All the Time!

We’ve learned the hard way that when an owner disconnects utility service in order to save $50-$100 dollars per month on utility service to an empty house, it often leads to additional unexpected costs, coordination, and frustration. Once utility service is turned off ...
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